The tech4wellbeing consulting mission is to utilise our experience to bring your visions to life by employing state-of-the-art research and technologies. Our services include the design and development of systems and products related to the area of context-aware computing. We can work with you to develop solutions from the design and concept stage to the early product and release phase.

Our consulting vehicles range from the participation in EU collaborative research projects (tech4wellbeing ltd. is a registered SME for participation in  collaborative projects within the European Framework R&D Programme) over nationally funded efforts (such as funded through the UK Technology Strategy Board) to direct consulting engagements with customers.

What we bring to the table is a vast experience in creating, leading and working in research projects both in academia and in industry. We have, for instance, successfully initiated and led dedicated collaborations with world-leading institutes such as MIT CSAIL, MIT MediaLab, GeorgiaTech, CMU, Columbia University and Cambridge University. We have furthermore led international collaborative projects within the European Framework Programme as well as at UK-national level. Our roles in these engagements have ranged from architecture and system design over concept implementation to product development and project management.

For more details on our research experience both in industry and academia, see Dana’s research background.