Our apps are based on our research into sensing and context-aware software. The work that lead to AIRS was initially started in 2004 when we were working on mobile-based and M2M sensing platforms and context-aware architectures. Storica is based on the work performed in MyRoR and PAL where we looked at alternative and more engaging ways of modelling and correlating large and varied user information within lifestyle management scenarios.

Our work is about supporting and enhancing people by making use of data that can be captured through digital means. Our long experience with context-aware systems made us very much aware of the dangers of mishandling such data and, for that reason, our software provides full control to end users. No data recorded on the phone is in any way used or uploaded without the user’s knowledge. That is because we are end users ourselves and we just do not appreciate such behaviour.

Get started now!

If you wonder how to get started, watch here a short video summarising the main steps in using AIRS and Storica. And,  above all, enjoy 🙂 !

We would also love to hear from you regarding your experiences, your ways of using the two apps, and suggestions for future additions to them.