AIRS Overview

AIRS is one of the most comprehensive mobile-based platforms that can be used for gathering, storing and  processing a large variety of sensors and activity information available through current Android-based devices and BT-enabled attached sensors. AIRS is free and open source, and can be used by developers, researchers and anybody interested in self-monitoring.

What AIRS records

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Getting started with AIRS

For a quick intro into how to get started with AIRS, see the slides here.
For more detailed information, just start exploring our AIRS pages, and see how to configure, record and synchronise with AIRS.

Using AIRS

AIRS is a configurable, extensible activity monitoring platform that can be used for many purposes.

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Where is the data stored?

AIRS can record either in Local mode or in Remote mode.

In Local mode, all data is stored on the phone, in a SQLite database. For security purposes, we recommend that you periodically synch your data to a remote storage of your choice (e.g., Google Drive, Dropbox, own ftp server).

In Remote mode, AIRS connects to an application server, which you need to install and run yourself. Please note that we do not upload any data from your phone!

In order to help you parse synched files, we provide a JAR file that can be used to parse the AIRS files and store the data into your local MySQL database, allowing for further processing through, e.g., correlations and visualisations.

Like our work?

If you like our software, we would really appreciate your support. We do not exploit your data in any way and we do not embed adware into them as we are against giving access to your data.

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NOTE: AIRS is an Android port of the MIDP platform called NORS (Nokia Remote Sensing platform), which is not maintained anymore.