Developer Information

AIRS has been developed over the past few years to provide a lifelogging platform that is easily extensible, efficient in terms of battery consumption and sufficient in terms of what developers would like to do with it.

The open source nature of AIRS allows for easily forking your own AIRS branch of the project code on Github and extend AIRS to your liking – the outcome is your own platform, adjusted to your needs.

At TecVis LP, we are committed to supporting you in developing your own solutions or understanding AIRS better in order to develop applications with it. The developer information pages on this site provide the necessary information to exactly do that. We will gradually expand these pages with more information on different aspects, so bear with us when certain information is not (yet) available. If you are looking for a particular information and you cannot find it on these pages, please drop us an email with your question.

More specifically, we provide the following information:

We also provide practical How-To information for you regarding certain topics:

More information will be added to this page over time!