Photo Sign

Driven by our love of taking photos and sharing them online, we have developed the PhotoSign app, which can batch load photos, sign them and save them in your favourite folder from where you can share them in any way you desire.
Our Android PhotoSign app  comes in two versions: one free but ad-supported and one paid, with no ads, for a very small fee of £0.50.
In order to use the PhotoSign app, you need to select the photo(s) you’d like to sign through your favourite gallery app and then use the sharing menu of Android to ‘send’ the photos to PhotoSign.


Once in PhotoSign, you have many options to customize the text you’d like to add to the photo(s). Through the settings you can change the text, its position, colour and background. Plus, you can specify the folder where you’d like to save your signed photos.
Screenshot_2015-05-27-17-52-02 Screenshot_2015-05-27-17-52-05 Screenshot_2015-05-27-17-52-37








Through the right-side slider you can change the text size and through the menu on the left side (that appears when sliding to the right) you can change the font style. We have many styles available to make your text look as good as you want it! In order to see how the text looks, you can zoom into the photo by double click on the screen.

Screenshot_2015-10-28-18-29-45Screenshot (28 Oct 2015 18-32-04)

You can also use PhotoSign in order to downsize your photos by specifying the scale of the signed photos.

If you are happy with everything, just save the photos with the Save button. If the photos are large, you might need to wait a bit. Once the photos are saved, you can either exit the app (using Android’s Back button) or share from PhotoSign by using the Share button.
Hope you enjoy PhotoSign and you find it as useful as we do!