Storica is our experience-based lifelogging platform. Starting with version 2.0, Storica gained the recording capabilities previously only provided by AIRS. Beyond recording, Storica provides multiple ways of processing and visualising your life data. Storica allows you to explore your recorded information through 4 main views:

  • Story View: creates a sequence of “meaningful events” based on the data recorded during a certain day;
  • Photo View: provides a context-enriched media gallery;
  • Map View: employs a map-based visualisation for daily tracks enhanced by an animated Fly-Over mode;
  • Detailed View:  allows for a detailed exploration of your recorded data through timelines and word clouds.

We are continually working on creating new information processing algorithms that can take full advantage of the wealth of information.

Storica is NOT a diagnosis software and we do not intend to make it so. Our aim is to help YOU better understand what happened and why it happened through supporting your creative and reflective human nature.

Storica is your ultimate lifestyle capturing, documenting and recollecting tool!

Storica records, processes and visualizes lifestyle-related information in order to create multimedia stories of your life right on your mobile. If you want to know how you can install and use Storica, take a look here (to be updated!).

You can examine, annotate and recall your experiences through a simple calendar-based user interface from which you can choose various types of visualisations for any day you select and you can also add text-based and voice-based annotations.
MultiViewStory View: Storica assembles meaningful events, defined through activities such as calls made and received, SMS messaging, IMs, or annotations made through the AIRS widgets, and creates a multimedia digital story in icon and textual form with configurable backgrounds. To complete the experience, you can define your own usual locations, based on geo-information, WiFi or BT information.

Story View

Photo View: Storica provides a context-rich media gallery, where you can see the photos you took together with the other context information recorded in the same time.


Map View: Storica provides map-based tracks of your recordings with fly-over effects. You can see what happened at each recording location, either in abstracted icon/text form or through detailed timelines, tag clouds and alike.


Detailed View: If curious about the information recorded, you can view it through detailed visualisations, such as timelines and word clouds. You can zoom in or out and you can even set your own time range!


The first three visualisations also directly support StreetView, allowing you to explore the surroundings of your recordings even further. To each day, you can add text or audio annotations useful for recollection. You can also share your experiences with your friends and family by creating screenshots of the various visualisations.

For examples of what you can record and visualise, we provide more information here.

Privacy and data security

We care about your privacy so none of the data that is being recorded and visualised is transferred off your device. For this reason, we do not use an ad-based support for Storica. All information is stored in an internal phone database and cannot be accessed by anybody else but AIRS and Storica. You are under full control of your data! However, we do rely on your support to keep Storica ad-free and privacy-aware so please buy the full version of Storica and/or Donate!

Full version

You can view any memories within the last 7 days for free – FOREVER!

If you are interested in viewing your memories beyond the last 7 days as well as supporting our work, you can purchase the full version through a secure in-app billing (using the PlayStore) in the Settings->About menu. The menu will lead you through the purchase process with Google Play and unlock your app after a successful purchase.

Purchases on one device will, of course, enable Storica on all your devices – you will need to verify the purchase on each device though by entering once the purchase dialog (it will then show that you have purchased the full version and unlock Storica on your device).


With our merging of AIRS and Storica, Storica inherited all the requirements for permissions that were before needed for AIRS, and given the vast amount of information that can be recorded through AIRS, these permissions are quite extensive. However, nothing in our model has changed, so the recording continues to be done only on the phone, no data is taken from your phone and YOU have full control over what is recorded, and how it is saved and shared.

What’s next?

We are continuously improving and advancing Storica by adding new ways to interpret, understand, interrogate and visualise your data. Our future plans also include extending Storica towards a desktop and web-based version.