Using Our Lifestyle Monitoring Software

AIRS and Storica are exciting pieces of software, allowing for rich recordings of various aspects of your life. On the following pages, we provide you with tips and insights into how to use AIRS and Storica to the fullest extent.

Getting started with lifelogging provides the necessary steps to get started quickly. We show you how to configure AIRS to record your life and visualise exciting data with Storica. Tips for Recording presents to you the wealth of information that AIRS can record in general as well as the specific information that Storica can visualise. If you wonder how to enjoy Storica visualisations on several of your devices, head over to Experience on Several Devices to learn how to do this.

We also frequently post tips on our blog that reveal specific functions of AIRS as well as Storica, which allow for maximising the experience with both software platforms. Head over to our blog here to browse through these specific entries.