AIRS now supports BT Smart heart rate monitors

Since its latest update to V2.8, AIRS now supports BTLE (often called BT Smart or BT4.0) compatible heart rate monitors (thanks to C. Herndler for supporting this work!), such as the Polar P7 or the Zephyr HxM Smart.

With this, you can now use more modern and power-efficient monitors. For this, we have updated the relevant configuration menus. Note, however, that the instant movement sensor (HI) is currently only supported through the HxM BT sensor from Zephyr.

The latest update also addresses various issues, such as changing the TR sensor towards running applications (rather than tasks) due to Lollipop-introduced security restrictions as well as improving backup/restore to deal with VERY large databases. Also, the AS handler has been improved in terms of stability.


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