Reminisce with Storica V1.6.9.2!

In Storica V1.6.9.2, we have added the Storica daydream service as a new feature. Starting with Android 4.2, applications can now provide a so-called daydream service, which shows animations, graphics and alike while the device is charging or is docked.

For Storica, we use this feature to enable some reminiscence, showing you meaningful events from a selectable range of days back from when the daydream started (in the settings for the daydream, you can select a range between one day and four weeks).

How do I enable the daydream feature?

For this, go into your Android system settings:


Here, select the Display setting menu:


Now select the Daydream entry:


You will need to first enable the daydream feature with the switch in the action bar. Then, select the Storica Reminiscence entry to enable this daydream. With the When to Daydream setting, you can select to never dream, only when charging or when docking.

With the settings entry next to the Storica Reminiscence item, you can open more detailed settings for your Storica daydream, such as the diary mode used, the length of period looking back in your dream and the delay between events shown:



When is it shown?

Depending on your daydream settings (see above), the dream will start when you are charging your device or if it is docked. You can also immediately start your dream in the daydream system setting (see above).

Can I jump into my memories?

Yes you can! Simply click on an event when it is shown in the daydream. Storica will start and jump to the day of this event as well as the event itself. You can then browse the day of this event as you are used to in Storica – however, you will need to exit and start Storica separately if you want to view other days.

Note that if you have a lockscreen enabled, clicking on the screen will first fire up the lockscreen (e.g., asking for a password) before the Storica screen is shown.

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