Storica V2.0 now released: AIRS integrated into Storica!

With the newest Storica V2.0 update, we have now integrated AIRS local recording into Storica (note that remote recordings are solely a feature of AIRS and are not supported by Storica!).

Things got simpler

Integrating AIRS into Storica simplifies the handling of your lifelogging platform. All settings, including those for the recordings (such as the selection of sensors, the individual settings per handlers, etc.) are now found under the same Settings menu! Synchronizing your recordings with other Storica platforms is also now found under the drawer menu of Storica.

Also, you can now start and stop the recordings directly from Storica, as shown in the image here:


What happens if I have AIRS installed?

In case you have AIRS already installed, you will be asked to import the AIRS recordings into Storica after you updated the latter. With that, the entire database of recordings will be copied under Storica – you can uninstall AIRS after successfully importing the recordings into Storica!

Unfortunately, we cannot import your templates and widgets. You have to create the former again and place the latter again on your launcher homescreen – sorry for this!

Does this mean AIRS is no longer supported?

Integrating local recording into Storica does not mean the end of AIRS, however.

We are committed to equally update AIRS and Storica with new functionality, such as local recording handlers! This will ensure that everything that AIRS provides is also available in Storica!

However, you will no longer be able to visualize AIRS recordings with Storica. Instead, you will need to import your AIRS recordings into Storica and record with Storica in the future. We realize that this is a break for long-term AIRS user but felt that it will simplify the usage of Storica and future users of the platform, i.e., no longer is there a need for two installations, AIRS and Storica!

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